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hadco titanium floor finishTITANIUM — FLOOR FINISH
Titanium Floor Finish is a 21% solids floor finish fortified with urethane.  The highest quality floor finish providing that “Wet Look” shine.  No slip surface.   Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
hadco platinum 21PLATINUM 21 — FLOOR FINISH
Platinum Twenty One is Top of the line, our best, and hardest (without urethane) floor finish.  Slip resistant, scratch, scuff mark and black heel mark resistant.  Highest gloss, most durable.  “WET LOOK GLOSS”   Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical
hadco environmental 18ENVIRONMENTAL 18  
Acrylic floor finish. Contains no zinc, to protect our environment. Faster recoat times,  much lower ammonia odor, easier to strip. Excellent gloss, detergent resistance, scuff  resistance. 18% solids.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco honorable dischargeHONORABLE DISCHARGE  –  Static Dissipative Floor Finish 
A 20% solids high quality floor finish. Electrical resistivity is 10 ohms/square or better, static half-life is under one second, much faster than other antistats. Much less expensive than competitive products, with the quality being the same or better in most cases. It is easily applied and can be maintained using a routine maintenance program. Especially popular for computer rooms, electronic manufacturing, telephone workshops and hospital operating room floors. Slip resistant, very good gloss.  Hadco Chemical  Crystal Packaging
hadco concrete seal llCONCRETE SEAL II
Concrete Seal is a water based acrylic concrete seal.  Designed for outdoor and indoor concrete.  Excellent weather resistance.  Also, a concrete curing membrane on new concrete.   Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
Gleamo is a tough, transparent, fast drying, non-powdering, and durable seal, high gloss finish for terrazzo, ceramic tile, marble, and other hard floor surfaces.  Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
hadco lightning stripperLIGHTNING — NO RINSE STRIPPER
Lightning is a Labor saving, floor finish liquefier that does not require a rinse.  A very strong stripper that must be diluted at least 1 part: to 3 part water.   Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
hadco ez strip stripperE-Z STRIP
Floor finish liquefier, for stripping all types of water emulsion floor finishes and waxes; use by hand-mop, mop off or vacuum off; or use with floor machine. Dilute 1:3 with water, strip approximately 10’ x 10’ area at a time. If stripper dries before pick up, rewet the area to keep the finish emulsified. Great labor saver, strips even hard to remove high speed burnished finishes. pH full strength = 14; 1:3 = 13.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco restore 444RESTORE 444
Restore 444 is MOP & BUFF, SPRAY & BUFF COMBINATION  Floor finish restorer, provides “Wet Look” gloss when used with high speed floor machines from 300 to 3,500 rpm’s.  Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
Floor Glow is a neutral pH, apple scent cleaner for regular wet mopping or automatic scrubbers on waxed floors. Very low foam surfactants to eliminate rinsing and chelating agents to remove hard water deposits and ice and snow melter residues.  Crystal Packaging  Hadco Chemical Company
hadco lusteron dust mop treatmentLUSTERON DUST MOP TREATMENT
Liquid treatment for dust cloths and dust mops, to cause dust to cling to cloth or mop, instead of becoming airborne. Light amber color, light banana odor. Solvent based. Used as directed on label, LUSTERON does not leave floors oily or slippery. Washes out of mops with a detergent. Slip resistant. Made with a non-carcinogenic, paraffinic crude, mineral seal oil.   Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging

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