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hadco graffiti proofGRAFFITI PROOF
A water based polymeric liquid coating, which forms a weather resistant, nearly invisible coating on hard, somewhat porous surfaces such as brick, mortar, concrete and block. Keeps graffiti from bonding permanently to the protected surface. Apply to clean surfaces  which are free of graffiti, by brush, roller or sprayer (garden type pump up sprayer is ideal). GRAFFITI PROOF forms a removable, sacrificial coating. After the protected surface is defaced with graffiti, remove the GRAFFITI PROOF and easily flush away the graffiti at the same time. Remove the GRAFFITI PROOF by stripping with HOT SHOT STRIPPER (see below). The ideal removal is by using a hot water pressure washer after spraying the HOT SHOT directly on the wall. When dry, reapply another coat of GRAFFITI PROOF. GRAFFITI PROOF will remain on the surfaces even in bad weather and should only need to be reapplied after removal or every 18 months.   Hadco Chemical  Crystal Packaging
hadco hot shotHOT SHOT STRIPPER
Our specifically formulated remover for GRAFFITI PROOF. Spray onto graffiti defaced surfaces which have previously been protected with GRAFFITI PROOF using a pump up type sprayer full strength or using a pressure washer metered to dilute 1 part HOT SHOT to five parts of hot water. This will remove the sacrificial coating and the graffiti. Rinse with plain water. Allow surface to dry, then reapply GRAFFITI PROOF.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco greasebusterGREASEBUSTER
A pure, natural citrus d-limonene solvent, biodegradable, for heavy degreasing, drain opening, deodorizing, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-acid; no petroleum distillates, no  chlorinated solvents. Use full strength or dilute with water for economy; rinses off with  water. Flash point over 110°F. Has high solvency power. Pre-test before using on plastics. Excellent tar and road oil remover. Cleans off forklift tire marks on cement.  100% biodegradable. The best product available for removing adhesives and glues.   Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging

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