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hadco cyclone warewashCYCLONE
Automatic Warewash Detergent – High Temp.  
FOR USE ON FINER DISH WARE    High quality, Heavy duty liquid for commercial dispenser type dish machines in a higher end environment with expensive dishware/glassware/flatware. A highly concentrated sodium and potassium oxide for industrial, institutional machines. Commercial use only.  Contains sodium hypochlorite to remove coffee stains. Titrate use level to 1/3 oz. per  wash load. CAUTION: Corrosive. Colorless, bleach odor. Do not use in home dishwashers or for hand dish washing. pH = 14+.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco thunder warewwashTHUNDER
Automatic Ware wash Detergent – Low Temp 
FOR USE ON FINER DISH WARE  A very heavy duty, dispenser type, detergent for low temp automatic commercial dish  machines. Our best Low Temp detergent. Designed for a higher end environment with  expensive dishware/glassware/flatware. Do not use in home dishwashers. Commercial use only. pH = 14. CAUTION: Corrosive.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco whirlwind warewashWHIRLWIND
 Automatic Warewash Detergent – Low Temp 
GREAT FOR ECONOMY MINDED RESTARAUNTS   Our economical, medium duty liquid for commercial restaurant, automatic, dispenser type dish machines. Commercial use only. Titrate to 2/3 to 1 oz. per wash load. Do not use in home dishwashers or for hand dish washing. pH=14.
hadco rinse aid supremeRINSE AID SUPREME
For high temp and low temp, automatic commercial dish machines. Designed for a higher end environment where expensive dishware/glassware/flatware is used. Adjust injector system so water sheets from glasses, flatware, silver, china and plastic for spot free sparkling results and fast drying. Contains no alcohol. Extremely concentrated, use only approximately 1/8 oz. per wash load. Will not craze plastic in prolonged usage. Blue color.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco rinse aid supreme acidicRINSE AID SUPREME – Acidic 
High Temp and Low Temp  Our Rinse Aid Supreme #99295 formula fortified with additives to work in extreme hard water situations for spot free rinses in the harshest water environments. Blue color. 1/8 oz. per load.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
An economical, detergent designed to remove heavy grease, stains and built-up solid from stainless steel flatware, pots and pans and kitchen utensils. Regular use of Shine will provide stainless steel with a lustrous appearance. Also used as a powdered hand dish concentrate. 1 tablespoon per gallon. 50 lb. carton and 15 lb. pails.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco descalerDESCALER  
Removes scale and mineral deposits such as lime and alkali from commercial dishwash machines in the delime/descale cycle. Also used for steam tables and equipment, ice cube machines, autoclaves, sterilizers, drinking fountains, and air conditioning towers. Great for cleaning coils in pressure washer machines. Contains inhibited hydrochloric acid.  USDA (A3) CAUTION: Corrosive.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco handyHANDY
½ OZ. PER GALLON! Our highest quality super premium hand dishwash soap. Use ½ oz. per gallon. Excellent  grease cutter for pots and pans. High, long lasting suds. Green color, fresh lemon scent. pH 9.0-9.2 for heavy duty grease cutting.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
KITCHEN COMMERCIAL GRADE  Formulated for kitchen related oil and grease stains on towels, aprons and kitchen related  garments. Contains brighteners, water conditioners and wetting agents for pH build to emulsify soils.  Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging
hadco freezer locker cleanerFREEZER LOCKER CLEANER
A cleaner designed to be used in freezers, at temperatures of -20° F. Ready to use, (do not dilute). Can be applied by brush, mop, spray equipment or floor scrubbing machines. The ideal cleaner for huge walk-in type freezers and or frozen food storage lockers, such as those in grocery warehouses. USDA (A-5). pH = 11.0   Hadco Chemical Crystal Packaging

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